First Monday

On the first Monday of each month we hold a prayer and Bible study group in church, starting at 7.30pm and generally concluding by 8.30pm.

As a church, and as Christians, prayer is central to who we are and what we do. Prayer is our nourishment and prayer brings us closer to God. Prayer also strengthens and encourages our lives as Christians, deepening our faith and broadening our understanding of our Christian fellowship. Put this together with Bible study, and you have a powerful and inspiring opportunity for Christian growth.

The usual pattern (there are no ‘usual’ patterns, of course…) is a short introduction to a chosen bible passage, followed by a chance to engage in conversation with a small group of people, focusing on a selection of appropriate questions that help to dig deeper into the passage.

After a short feedback, and a sharing of some answers or reflections, we have a period of prayer. This too can follow various paths, from shared intercessions in a group and moving through a list of prayer topics, through more spontaneous, collective prayer, to individual and silent prayer. The choice of which style of prayer and the amount of engagement is entirely up to you.

The whole session is intended to give us all the chance to explore and grow together. Prayer and study go hand in hand. For some the Word feeds the praying, for others, it is not so obvious. The important thing is that we grow and deepen our faith.

Come along: you’ll be very welcome, and you’ll be able to journey with us.