We seek to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for everyone who visits us, but we recognise that there are some accessibility challenges with our historic building.

To help you plan your visit, here is some key information:

  • There is no toilet in the main church. There are toilets in our church hall across the road and a key can be borrowed from someone on the door during services.
  • Vehicle parking is available on the street outside (Church Parade/Glenarm Walk) or our church hall car park across the road. There is also a public car park behind the church hall. There are no designated disabled parking spaces.
  • Access to the main church from the Church Parade entrance is step-free, but the path is sloped upwards for 20m to reach the main door. There is a continuous handrail on one side of the path.
  • Large-print songbooks are available, just ask on your way in.
  • Our church seating is wooden pews.
  • There is a step up to the chancel where communion is offered. If you have reduced mobility, do let someone know. The priest can bring communion to you.
  • Gluten-free wafers are available for communion, just ask the priest when you come to receive.
  • Access to the church hall is step-free, with a short gradient on the pavement outside

If you have specific accessibility needs, or would like more detail, please do contact us at