The Parish

 St L's pcard darkerSt Luke’s is the old village church of Brislington. Until the early 1930s Brislington was still a village outside of the city of Bristol, and part of Somerset. The area around the church is still referred to by many as ‘The Village’, although it is extremely difficult to recognise any vestiges of village life now, with the A4 Bath Road flowing through the heart.

There are many good guides to local history, such as ‘Brislington’ (Archive Photographs) compiled by Judy Chard, Mary Mitchell and Jonathan Rowe.

Modern Brislington, and the Parish of St Luke’s, now extends way beyond the original village boundaries. The trading estate and newer (1980s) retail park make the area a magnet for a great deal of traffic, and the A4 is often a slow moving traffic jam.

The usual house building has brought many people into the area, but once in Brislington, people tend to stay put for some time. We are close (2.5 miles) to the city centre, and well served with buses both into the city and also out to Bath which is 10 miles away.

There are primary schools, a secondary school and a tertiary college close by, and two substantial supermarkets on the edge of the parish.

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