We want everyone to feel safe when they come to church.

With the number Covid19 cases in Bristol at their highest ever we must all do out bit to try and keep everyone safe. We have taken advice, and the Wardens and PCC are advising the following precautions in church.

  • We advise masks/visors are still worn ‘at all times’.
  • Hand sanitising before coming into church will remain as before – the sanitiser will now be in the porch.
  • It is advisable we remain socially distanced – empty pew will remain between pews.
  • 6 people from different houses may sit together.
  • Congregation singing is now permitted – but still wearing a mask. (we did this at Debbie’s installation and it’s not as bad as we thought!)
  • There will be no change to the Communion procedure we adopted a few months ago.
  • Readers, leaders and choir/worship groups will be able to remove their masks when needed.